Check out what some of my clients have to say:

Music teachers and students come with different abilities, goals and curiosities. Daryl has taken my insatiable desire of “why” and helped me understand music enough to give me the tools to make my own discoveries. How many music students have asked why an ionian scale begins with “C” as opposed to the more obvious “A”?  In my 50s now and playing the guitar since I was 10, Daryl helped me explore and, most importantly appreciate, the infinite directions music can take my ear and my soul. “ David Rosenoff, Parkland, FL

“Daryl Tomas has been our daughter’s instructor for the past 7 years and we couldn’t be more pleased. His professionalism, knowledge, and experience has been essential to Danielle’s growth as a musician. Daryl is more than just an exceptional teacher; he has been a mentor and role model for our daughter.” Rosemarie Jensen, Parkland, FL

“Daryl is a terrific teacher. My son began his guitar journey in music class at school. Per his teacher’s recommendation we began using Daryl. My son’s guitar foundation is all because of the time spent with Daryl. Anyone looking to pursue guitar would be wise to give Daryl a call. ” Joe  Tschupp, Tamarac, FL

“Daryl has been my guitar teacher for nine years! I think it goes without saying that I enjoyed his classes. He has become a very good friend of mine and I’ll miss him as I start my years away in college. I believe I’m a great guitar player because of Daryl. He’s given me confidence and a higher respect for music. If anyone is interested in playing guitar, Daryl is the one and only teacher for the job. I was so shy during the first few lessons I had with him. But then I realized he’s just as weird as I am. He’s hysterical and I’ve laughed so hard I almost cried! Every day I had spent in school I’d just look forward to my guitar lessons that week. I always learned something new. Whether it was about playing guitar, or about myself as a person. I will never quit playing guitar, it has become a passion of mine. I have thanked Daryl for all that he has done for me and for all that he means to me. And I don’t mind telling him again. So thank you Daryl for being an outstanding teacher and a sincere friend! I will miss you! And I’ll be looking forward to seeing you again soon. “ Maxine Gleiberman, Parkland, FL

“Daryl has been instructing me for over three years, he has always been there with a positive attitude and an open mind in teaching me to play the guitar. Daryl will provide you with a solid foundation on which you must build on with alot of practice. I have never played before and he has taken me through the journey of learning to play. I know that I have tried his teaching skills with my limited musical knowledge and bricks for fingers, but we are both true to form. I refuse to quit and he refuses to give up on me. So If you want to learn from a true professional who has mastered the art of playing the guitar and even more important has the ability and patience and I do stress patience to teach you what you need to know to help you on your journey in being able to play the guitar then here is your man. Look no further, he comes with a five star rating from me. “ John Berthelon, Tamarac, FL